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Skin shading for mobile 101

Very stable for the OpenGL-ES shader 2.0 Skin shader implementations steps.

Vert IPC : 44 Frag IPC : 124 In this case must considered about limited of IPC as not over to 280 So I was implemented to blinn-phong light model based for the skin shader that able to execute on low end devices like open gl es 2.0 lower.

  • Light probe support inside vertex shader(Sh9)

  • Image based lighting support.

  • Avoiding to Pow function used by Exponent log table.

Virtual back-lighting.

Shading skeleton

Simple back light for huge of skin tone.

Blur normal fake scatter

Color Grading.

Using postFX v2 and Low definition look up texture.

Eventually this shader effect not for very realistic skin tone Just seems like stylish mmo-rpg sytle skin shader.

However it make good results like very fasted speed calculated on any- android devices under opengl-es 2.0

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