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Substance Live Shanghai final season 2019

Substance Live Shanghai final season 2019

On October 24, a live broadcast event was held at the Substance adobe office in Shanghai, China.

Me with my colleague MR.Kang, We were spoken about our knowledge of substance designer.

With Substance Adobe Team China.

Totally joined in Substance live How many visitors that around 18000 viewers! Amazing.

Our main topic is here.

HDR editor

Experimental instance node - Automatic ColorIDGentoMat

Custom blend node How to approaching

ACES tonemapped shader tweaking

Height based modeling to Sci-fi texture assets.

Curvy filter via Linear inperpolation function

1. HDR Editor

使用在Substance中新添加的HDR编辑工具,可以很容易地修改Unity iBL照明,进行Look-Dev。 在角色选角窗口要达到什么样的照明效果,可以跟美术一起实时修改进行工作。

2. Experimental Node - Automatic ColorID to PBR mat Gen.

Just one click then automatically applied materials values.

链接: 提取码:3a60 复制这段内容后打开百度网盘手机App,操作更方便哦

3. Custom blend node.

当混合多个Shape以创建新的造型时,Blend 的 min 和 max 很有用。 看看它是如何构建的,再尝试做出新的混合方式。

链接: 提取码:q6jh 复制这段内容后打开百度网盘手机App,操作更方便哦

4. ACES Tonemapped Tweak Substance designer shader.

Substance designer没有ACES Tonemapped的方式。





链接: 提取码:qu6r 复制这段内容后打开百度网盘手机App,操作更方便哦

4. Height Based Sci-fi procedural texturing.

Mr.Kang speaking here.

链接: 提取码:03xh 复制这段内容后打开百度网盘手机App,操作更方便哦

5. Curvy node.

链接: 提取码:2y7e 复制这段内容后打开百度网盘手机App,操作更方便哦

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